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    Bizarre de-activation email from merchant
    I just received this email from an SAS merchant (Publishing Group of America):

    > "Our terms clearly state that buying American Profile keywords is prohibited. You have been removed from our program." <

    This is bizarre for several reasons:

    First, I've never included the merchant or product (nor the phrase mentioned) in any PPC campaign.

    Second, I've had a total of three clicks (and zero transactions) for this merchant, and I'm pretty sure that all three were my own "test clicks" from one of my sites, which identify the merchant only as "Publishing Group of America" (not "American Profile").

    Third, I suspended all my affiliate-PPC campaigns (yes, all of them) more than a week ago, in order to evaluate my organic traffic.

    Finally, I can't even find that phrase "American Profile" on any of my web sites. It doesn't even come up in a PopShops search for magazines on my magazine site!

    This is turning into a very strange week.

    Added: Just to clarify: I never, ever bid on merchant domain names or trademarks; I always respect PPC bidding restrictions, and try to add restricted keywords to my "negative keyword list" whenever possible.

    Added: I just had the brilliant idea of searching for "American Profile" on Google, and I see that ShareASale affiliate #176xxx has an active PPC bidding campaign for that phrase (and of course, the link is inactive).
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    I'm guessing your affiliate ID doesn't even remotely resemble ***737, either?

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    Unfortunately, some merchants just don't have a clue...
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    Looks like they need help (as they have no clue what they are doing).


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