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    Anti-Phishing Bill/ Snowe Bill
    I don't recall seeing this posted so I thought I'd ask what do you guys think about this Anti-Phising Bill. I'm going to do a little more research but so far I'm saying

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    Another Scumbag; Another Bill......

    This is arrogance and ignorance mixed with incompetence and the quest for ever more power.

    This woman and her cohorts don't really wanna allow people to steal your domains {Though this crap will certainly will do that and more..} She wants to control you with a leash.

    This is just another veiled attempt for these jerks to file a piece of paper with a judge {which may not be necessary either someday} and just show up at your door.

    It is unbelievable that we live in a world where anyone would wanna control people to that extent.

    Regardless of intent, this would essentially allow people to find you or gather your personal info {not quite indiscriminately, but you get the idea} without regard who might get hurt and this simply will make it a crime to protect your privacy in certain cases.

    There are legal means to give out your legally paid for street address without giving out your street address. I dunno if it is ever used much, but it is available. If I were a woman being stalked, I'd use this method too.

    This is what happens when people make judgements as to a leader should be based upon personality not integrity and knowledge.

    What a shame.

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    Key points that grind on the Adwhore Trademark domain/company name poachers....

    "Further, the proposal unfairly targets domain name registrants for a widespread Internet practice – if its aim is to halt the advertising monetization of brand names and typographical variations thereof when consumers engage in direct Internet navigation or in web searches it utterly fails in that endeavor, as this activity is also engaged in systematically by search engines, web browsers, and ISPs. In fact, Verizon, a CADNA member, now serves up unrelated ads to its broadband ISP subscribers when they type in typo variations of trademarked names that correspond to unregistered websites. "

    ...." Finally, the bill would make it a crime for any person to knowingly, and with intent to defraud, use a website or domain name that falsely or deceptively represented itself as another’s business and use the website to get any other person to provide them with “any means of identification”. Violations would be subject to fines and imprisonment of up to five years."

    Adwords click traps and parked domain doorway pages might be in for some rough times. If this cleans up the smog of USA based typo/cyber squatters the folks at Google and Yahoo etc could easily spot the foreign based trademark perps and whack their SERP & PPC links.
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    typos and squatting are one thing, ecomcity, but I'd hate to see this used by trademark holders looking to get their trademarks interpreted more broadly and yank good domains from their rightful owners. It should probably have some provision about that.

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    This bill doesn't really help anyone nor does it stop phishing. What it does is open the door for more intimidation.

    There are worries that large corporation will snap up random and generic trademark (red, blue, food, table, etc.) terms and then they'll be able to take away the domain of anyone using it.

    Then there's the issue of getting rid of private domain registrations...

    Basically this works in the favor of large corporations. Not so much for the person sitting at their computer trying to make an honest living.

    It seems as if the people who drafted this don't really understand how the internet works.

    There's quite a large discussion on this at DN Forum.

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    "A BILL To prohibit the collection of...[text]...and for other purposes."

    It's those "other purposes" slipped into legislation that always cause the trouble...
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    Yep. Further diminishment of the little guys' rights with the big corps getting even MORE TM power than they had previously.

    If you think Tiger trying to steal via UDRP was bad, you ain't seen nothing compared with what THIS bill will let them do.

    Congress bought and paid for by the corps that run "CADNA".

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