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    Help - Lost in Share a Sale

    I was hoping somebody could help. I have been tasked to set up our program in Share a Sale. Can anybody provide me with some advice on the best way to get the program up and running? What is the best way to promote my program, what is the best way to recruit affiliates through Share a Sale? Are there any tricks or tips that I shold be aware off. Is it worthit to pay Share A Sale to send out the newsletter to the Top 1000 Affiliates.

    Any of your experiences would be great to hear.

    Thank you for your help.


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    Please feel free to contact me via email at ajanssen at rolet dot com and I will help

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    Welcome aboard Smith, a good place for you to start would be the Affiliate Manager Forum . You may also want to consider an Outsourced Program Manager (OPM) to help get your program launched or for long term management.

    Good luck.

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