As I'm sure a lot of other AMs can relate, our duties often fall outside affiliate management. So the question I would like to post to AMs and Affiliates alike, is: How do you define Affiliates vs. SEM vs. Comparison shopping within your programs? To affiliates I suppose the question would be more, how do you see yourself as different from these other forms of marketing?

I am trying to seperate the 3 with clear defining rules and am having a hard time. Do you base it on payment model (rev-share for affiliates, CPC for SEM, and CPC for Comparison shopping, what about CPA?). Do you base it on how the consumer found you (typing something in and collecting that demand, or more of a banner affiliate who created the demand).

Obviously there are exceptions and affiliates who fall all over the place and SEM that sometimes could be a content network banner on some site that would look very similar to a consumer as an affiliate banner. What about a site like jellyfish that has a comparison shopping engine, but everything else about it seems affiliate like?

To all the affiliates out there who say, "who cares? money is money!" Well this is what we do in the corporate world, make well defined little boxes to put our money in.

Thanks for all opinions!