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    Opportunity to make us Affiliate Friendly
    As some of you may know from my posting over the last two weeks, that I have been recently placed into the position of Affiliate Program Manager / Custom Coin Salesman at the company I already worked for. I've been learning on the fly, thanks to this forum.

    The first task my VP wanted gave me was to draw up the Affiliate Agreement and then we would have a conference call with the Pres. I sent him the agreement the other day.

    In the meantime, I've also been working with our web programmers, to improve our already existing but neglected in-house program.

    Today the VP called me to tell me that the Affiliate Agreement isn't enough. Our Pres wants me to draw up our affiliate business plan and get promotional materials started. I've never formally written a business plan before and don't even know where to start.

    I guess I shouldn't have been waiting around for this conference call. Luckily I was proactive enough to spend as much time as possible learning here, and I finished Geno's book last night.

    So, I am ready to make this business plan as Affiliate Friendly as I can get away with. Within reason of course.

    Any input I can get would be appreciated. I sure don't want to re-invent the wheel.

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    As you write you biz plan, subsitute the phrase "respected business partner" for "affiliate" in all the drafts... and it should write itself.

    Then of couse, change resp biz part to aff on the final version

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    just to throw in my 2cents.
    Foundation of your plan:

    -look at long term relationship.
    -an aff prog will not take off on day 1, nor day 60 days if you are starting from scratch.
    -respect affiliates. Treat them right and most of them will walk on broken glass for you.
    -Run a clean program.
    -Communicate with affiliates.
    -and OH...And whatever billy said

    If you want more help, look at hiring an OPM. They know the inside out. Loxly, Nunez, AMWSO, etc and lots of experience ppl on ABW.

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    Critique how to start New Affliate Programme....

    Try not to send out boiler plate emails to your affiliates. Try to ask them if they need anything, like help w/ keywords or other stuff.

    This is not the biz plan part, I get that. This is just as important.If you don't listen to your affiliates, they won't respect you.

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