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    Affiliate network for sale
    If this is not the right forum to post this i would much appreciate if this post is moved to the right section.

    Affiliate Network business for sale with over 600 affiliates, A couple of good performing programs and over 100,000 CPA lead deal sign. Prepaid in 5,000.

    Another 2,000 prepaid prog. Also CPL in the gaming section.

    More prepaid prog negotiation going on.

    This would suit an existing network looking to increase its affiliate base or a group of affiliates looking to start their own network.

    We are based in the Uk.

    For further info please email: and i will give you the url and proper email add.

    Once again, big apology if this is in the wrong section.

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    zMirage UK affiliate network for sale?
    I couldn't understand from your post what you're actually offering to sell. According to your post, you have only a "couple" of active merchants, and about 600 affiliates. You say that there are some "prepaid" relationships, without meaningful explanation.

    Looking at your prior posts, it appears that you're referring to a network started in January 2007 (the domain was first registered Sept. 7, 2006, but in a press release the launch date is identified as January 10, 2007) called "Z-mirage." On your web site, you refer to your network as "zMirage" (without any hyphen) but your domain name is actually "z-mirage" dot com (hyphenated). Oddly, I see that zMirage dot com is currently unregistered and available for registration.

    Just two weeks ago, you posted an ad here seeking to hire "affiliate managers" on a performance basis.

    I can't find a complete list of merchants in your network, but I see a few examples posted on your site, which lead me to believe that your focus is on cost-per-lead and freebie/contest programs, none of them exclusive to your network.

    Your web site is very vague and generic, with a few "stock photo" images and no meaningful information for merchants seeking information. Your contact information (on your web site) omits any phone number. After spending 5 minutes reviewing your web site and your posts here, I was not impressed with your apparent skill or experience, nor with your English-language skills.

    A quick look at your affiliate agreement certainly did not impress me. The language in your affiliate agreement appears to be similar to that of a couple of defunct affiliate programs (eprofitstarsapps & betonbattles) which might have copied from your terms.

    I assume that a prospective buyer would want to know information like:
    - How much of the "prepaid" fees are still in your bank accounts?
    - Have any merchants requested refunds but not been paid?
    - Have any affiliates ever been paid by your company?
    - What were your company's gross and net earnings in 2007?
    - What business entity owns this company?
    - Are there other co-owners or partners who may claim rights in the business?
    - Who is "Sheu Busari" and who is "Tijan Penpee"? Why do you apparently share the "info_finesse" Yahoo email account?
    - What is "Penpee Group" (listed as domain owner in the registration)?
    - Will your beautiful offermyoffer dot com web site be included with the deal?
    - How many of your 600 affiliates are active, with current links posted?
    - How many merchants use your network? How many are recent?
    - Do you have any exclusive merchants?
    - How many transactions or leads are processed per month through your network?
    - How much revenue does your network earn per month?
    - What fixed costs exist (for example, software licenses requiring renewal)?
    - What technology underlies the network?

    Any buyer is going to insist on references (they're certainly going to call the merchants posted on your web site, and they'll try to find any of your affiliates as references also.)

    With a name like "Mirage," you've got to expect some scrutiny.

    Good luck.
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    Awesome Post Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I can learn a lot from Mark's post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by easterwings
    I can learn a lot from Mark's post.
    Very helpful. I learned more from his post than the thread starter.

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