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    Need Review Script for Website
    Since I am not sure of the correct terminology, I thought it might be easier if I explain what I want to do:

    I have a website (not a blog) that I want people who visit to be able to "rate" products. For example, on the page I would have the product name, description, pic, etc, then below that, I would like my reader to be able to rate the product 1-5 stars and be able to leave comments. I know this will probably attract spam, so I would prefer something that will allow me to approve the comments before they are posted.

    Also, I don't have advanced programming skills so I would need something easy to install and maintain.

    I looked up "review script" on Google, but I haven't been able to find anything that exactly fits what I want to do. If anyone has a suggestion of what type of program/script to use, I would appreciate it!!

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    Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

    I got it here pretty cheaply:
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    You can do that with a blog if you search for the right plugins. You blog about the product, put it in a category, have the ratings script at the bottom, and then there are comments. This would be a good start if you want something easy. Why make it more difficult than necessary? Besides, with the right design few people would be able to tell that it's a blog.

    Joomla probably also does this because you can do just about anything with it, but there's a learning curve. I like it, but I found it to be quite frustrating getting everything the way I wanted it.

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    Helpingmoms: Thanks for the link. I am afraid I will have a problem installing it on my site, but I will definitely keep it in mind for the future when I have learned more.

    ProWebAddict: Thanks for the suggestion. I had thought of doing a blog, but I just can't seem to format the page to look the way I want it, and I already have everything on my site, I just need a script.

    Can anyone give me some suggestions?

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