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    Does anyone else see the infinate possibilities for affilate income from featuring this product?

    Of course their customer support is somewhat weak, so I'd be a bit afraid of the returns rate, but then again, I don't think they accept returns anyway...


    Everywhere you go, leave someone or something better than you found it.

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    "Welcome to wadded paper site!

    My domain, but most people too stupid to understand, so I explain now at beginning.

    Origami, is Japanese art of folding paper. Boulder is round rock. Origami Boulder is wadded up paper! You understand now, dumbo? Then hurry up and buy wadded paper! You see picture at top of site don't you?

    This site about origami boulder very fine wadded paper artwork. I make artwork for you and you buy it now. I am famous Internet artist. You find my site didn't you?

    This pure form of art could be enhanced if the guy balled up wads of Penthouse or PlayBoy centerfolds. Send them to ClickTrade ...they'd fit in fine there.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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    Take off eh?
    It has better PR than most of my sales sites!!!
    That's downright annoying!

    Game on!!!!

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    Do something stupid, dumb, outragous, it gets noticed on the net! I gotta quit working so hard and go think of something really stupid to do...

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    I was fishing with my Dad over the 4th of July weekend and talking along he told me about this guy on ebay the got a funny looking Mcdonalds french fry and sold it on ebay for 5 dollars. Another person sold a toe nail .

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    I guess they figured that since the Rock was so popular once, and people paid for a rock, that they would try it with wadded up paper. Count me out on that one too! Although it makes you wonder how many people threw their Rock away. And, stupid as it may seem, people will go for it.

    All I Ask Is A Chance To Prove That Money Can't Make Me Happy!

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    Hay! It was good for a laugh, in fact, about 4 or 5 of them in reading the letters people sent. Now if I could just come up with a viral idea that gets people to talk about it, I'd have it made.


    P.S. Anyone interested in a new religion?

    If it's slick, it's not sticky.

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