I've read the various threads here about shoe
affiliate issues and trade-offs. The reversal
rate issues, product link restrictions, etc

I was hoping to get some direction from the gurus
on the best shoe affiliate programs to work with
or stay away from. The recent posts about zappos
and the 6pm site issue and inordinately high charge-backs
are discouraging.

Some programs may pay higher commission percentages,
but also have a lower customer satisfaction ratio making
repeat business less likely. On the other hand, obviously,
zappos has the highest customer satisfaction, but the
trade-off is much higher chargebacks.

So, I'm hoping to find a practical middle ground where
I can get direct product links, decent customer reviews,
decent commission percentages, and affiliate friendly.
At the same time, I understand its vital to have multiple
affiliate programs to stay diversified.

What is the collective wisdom out there on this subject?

Advice Appreciated