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    I joined ABW several months back and have been reading up. This is a very resourceful sight for a marketer relatively new to the affiliate world.

    The program I manage has been around for 8 years, but has not done much recruiting. We have a group of affiliates that do great, but have not added many new affiliates.

    As I move forward on recruitment, I want to offer incentives to new recruits. I've seen drawings for cash prices with entry based on sales targets used as an incentive. I plan on making the sales targets quite low. Anyone have any thoughts on this approach?


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    Sales incentives for new recruits can help you bring in PPC Affiliates, it generally takes time to build content/traffic for new non PPC Affs so they may sign up but generally get left out of sales incentive promos when they are only for x time period and only for new signups - unless they happen to have an existing busy site that meshes well with your product. So it depends on the type of affiliates you are hoping to attract.
    Personally I think that a dedicated thread for your program at ABW is a good way to set out your program and its goals to the ABW members, also a good way to have a place for announcements and news that can also bring new signups. Talk to Haiko about that.

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    I'd have to agree with 2busy on this. Short term incentives are great if you're looking for short term results. If you want affiliates that are going to be around promoting your program for the long term make sure that you offer a competitive program that is parasite free.

    As long as you're here in the Merchants Best Practices forum pay special attention to the thread titled Consolidated List of Affiliate Friendly Policies. You may want to use it as a check list to see how your program measures up. Don't worry if your program doesn't incorporate all of these, I doubt if most programs do, however it gives you a great target to shoot for.

    Once you feel comfortable that your program is where you want it to be, you should make a paid announcement here on ABW and possibly buy your own forum. At the very least you should make sure that you maintain a presence here.

    BTW, welcome aboard.

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    Thanks for the replies rematt & 2busy. I have viewed the affiliate friendly policies and continue to move the program in that direction.

    Our top affiliates focus on content and we don't have many ppc affiliates. I do hope to add more ppc, but I agree there needs to be a broader effort to recruit and incentives are limited and short-term.

    I also want to target inactive affiliates and will start offering incentives to get affiliates to activate links.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Did you manage to find a good way to re-recruit the non-active affiliates? I am also quite new to the affiliate market and have to build an affiliate program basically from scratch.
    Do you have any ideas how to recruit new affiliates with a low budget? How do I make my program stand out from the rest when we are in no position to compete with the bigger ones?

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    We're trying some things, but I'm realizing it will take time to build exposure. I placed an ad on the product announcements section on ABW, but I can't say there was much response.

    From what I have learned from this forum, affiliate summit and networking, there are ways to promote your program that don't cost much in dollars but do require time and effort. Participation and promotion on forums and researching competitors to identify affiliates you could contact are examples that I'm trying to implement.

    Good luck with your program.

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