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    Selling candles related affiliate website
    Hi all,

    If anyone is interested I'm selling a website of mine, it's a candles related affiliate website (selling candle holders).

    The merchant is, they are moving from in-house tracking to ShareASale. That's why the links need to be updated before May and I don't have any time to do it, so I decided to sell the site.

    Now, the site is NOT a big earner (about $150/year, see below) BUT it requires no maintenance (except to update links right now because of moving to SAS) and has no expenses except domain name + hosting.

    Domain registered at GoDaddy, expires 01-aug-2009 (yes, it's 2009).

    It's coded in PHP/HTML/MySQL. You should be familiar with PHP/MySQL as I can't provide any support for the website.

    Username and password: abw
    (shows no sales for 2008 yet, but it seems like they are batch approving affiliate sales now every few months? I can prove the sales to the highest bidder.)

    Also gets a few bucks from AdSense (not much though).

    The website is #1 organic result on Google for buy candle holder

    It could earn more, but I haven't been working on or improving the website since 2003.

    I will sell the website to the highest bidder. To bid reply to this thread or send me a PM. No bids below $60 please. Bidding ends in 7 days, if not enough offers and you give a reasonable bid I can close the bidding even sooner.

    I can accept PayPal or credit card (using 3rd party service If you wish to use an escrow service fine by me, but you cover any expenses.

    If you have any questions feel free to post or PM me.
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    Thanks to admin for moving this post to "Webmasters Barter / Trade / Buy or Sell" forum. I was looking for this forum myself (I know it used to be here), but is there a special reason I can't see it under "AbestWeb Marketplace"?
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    do U have yahoo account

    and target price.

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