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    Do any of you use I was wondering if you think it would be a solid investement to pay $10 a month for Premium Membership vs $10 a year for Gold membership. Any comments would be apprieciated!

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    Hi, I use USFreeads and have a premium account. The thing about that service is you really need to be savvy about how you create or design your ads to make this work for you
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    U wish U knew
    with a name like that, you'd think it'd be free

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    How does USFREEADS work?
    I've visited their website, and searched this forum, but I'm still confused on WHERE my ad will appear with USFREEADS. Is it just on their website? do people find it through SE searches?


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    I pay per month. I guess I have never thought about the gold membership. I will have to recheck and weigh my options.

    Anyway, people genuinely look through this site for what they offer pertaining to category. Now, I article market with them for an array of affiliate products. The money is not in your original posting. Depending on the keyword phrase you choose, the money is in being listed on the first page of Google in about 2 weeks, no longer than 4.

    You DO NOT use this as a singular affiliate strategy. However, I more than pay for my monthly membership in dealing with them.

    That's my wooden nickel.

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    I'm also a subscriber, but never really used it. I had an average of 20-30 hits (to the article) when submitting articles. For me, yet, it has not been worth it at all

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    It may not be the best bang for the buck but let's face it, at 10.00 a month it ain't much of a risk. Anything that gets you out onto the net and can be picked up by search engines has a little bit of value. You can always try it for six months and see if it has enough value to you.
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