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Thread: content engine not working

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    content engine not working
    I have around 15 content engines setup for artists names and none work now, instead displaying

    There are no results for the search criteria specified. The EventUnit below is the default unit served when there is no result set.
    Search (required):
    Then I enter one of the artists in the search box and find that tickets are available.

    Even if the artist was sold out, why wouldn't it default to some popular ticket in the category instead of the clunky message?

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    I think the whole system was down earlier. I'm not too sure that tracking wasn't off because my sales were off today and I couldn't access the interface during my heavy selling period.

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    The issues are related and the eventengine is being worked on to get back full functionality.

    Pls Refer to the other thread on the downtime period and compensation in the forum.

    Apologies for the loss of functionality on the tool.


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