Hello Team

I wanted to let our affiliate partners know that the first NutsOnTheNet.com newsletter was sent out yesterday. There are many special offers and elements to the NutsOnTheNet.com newsletter and it is available for you in SAS. Below are details on the March Bonus Offer, and the Coupon Offer.

March Special Bonus Offer

Affiliate Partners who generate a minimum of $100.00 in sales will automatically receive a $10.00 Cash Bonus. For every $100.00 in Sales thereafter, Affiliates will receive an additional $10.00 bonus. There are no limits to these bonuses.

The First Affiliate to generate $1,000.00 in Sales between March 3, 2008-March 31, 2008 will receive an additional $200.00 Special Bonus!

Please note in order to qualify for the Bonus Challenge you must:
1. Generate at least one click.
2. Generate these bonus challenge sales between March 3, 2008-March 31, 2008.
3. Last but not least, have fun!

Longer Duration Coupon Offer

This coupon offer is available in SAS "deals & database" for you to upload today. Below I've outlined the coupon details.

Coupon Offer: $5.00 off orders over $100.00
Coupon Code: savenuts
Expiration: 05/06/08
FYI: one time use offer

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If you have any questions feel free to email me at: Stephanie@andyrodriguez.com.