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    Can a site be used as someone's landing page..
    I am asking here only because I can't figure out what I'm seeing. Is it possible for someone doing PPC to use someone else's site as a "landing page" but then redirect before it actually lands?
    I get Google Alerts on my sites and last week I received one where the link does two redirects before going to the merchant. The link location showing is not on my site and never comes to my site but the phrases showing in the Google Alert with the link are definitely from my site. I got another one yesterday and it is the same, but to another link location on the same parked site. When I run live headers with the link I see it takes me immediately to a redirect, not to the link location showing in the alert. It is a SAS affiliate link that goes to a merchant that I have been affiliated with for about 5 years (in-house) so at the top of the page is the SAS affilate's 'Promo Code' and at the bottom of the page is the link back to my own site that is set up via my association with the merchant. That link back to my site only shows for someone who clicked through from my site, it's a dynamic link.
    I very seldom do PPC but if I wanted to promote the product being sold in this case, the page selected would be perfect as my site is #1 in Google for that keyword and has been for years. I have the product in question showing on that page along with my own promotional copy and aff link for it.
    The URL in the link goes to a parked wordpress domain that has zero content remotely similar to the keywords. The link immediately redirects through another 'counter' domain and then goes to the merchant with the SAS link. It stops off at also. The URL format is http://www.keyword_phrase.parkedsite...l_product_name
    I have contacted the AM and was told they would look into it, I am just trying to figure out what I'm seeing, it is a little devious.

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    I had the same happen last month.. I was able to capture the SAS affiliate ID once it landed on the merchant page.

    I contacted SAS and reported the infraction.. reminds me to follow up. They should be booted, as far as I'm concerned... I've worked VERY hard for my organic high SERP (not sure if they target specific sites, or just content across the web)

    While I don't know if this is the accurate technical term, you've been scraped. They take an extract of your content, and redirect it to their own affiliate link.

    Report it to SAS if you have the affiliate link...

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