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    CJ Going Backwards
    Yesterday I went to add links for my website and as I was getting the links I noticed that CJ have now reshuffled the order of the websites so my default website is now changed to one that I hardly ever use. Before my default website was the one I use the most to get links for.

    I guess some people would not care if they only have one site, for me this is really a great way to screw me up. Now each time I have to change the website back to the one I will use most often and if I forget then all my links will have link code for the website I hardly ever use.

    CJ have not made any noticeable improvements to their website for years while other networks are continually progressing although they were already ahead in many areas anyway. It seems CJ are now going backwards, they are screwing with our production, I have my default website setup as the one which would show on my links without me needing to change it, now they have closed that down and basically told me they don't get a damn and they won't do anything about it.

    Well this is got me really fuming to put it politely, I won't write what I'm thinking right now.

    So I wrote to them:

    Can you please change my default website back for getting links to how it was and that is for the website "". This is a very annoying really as I was adding links today and then realized someone has changed all the websites order and did not even tell me either. Now I have to click extra (if I even remember) to get the site I use the links for 90% of the time. This is very important to my production.
    I predicted this would be their response and it was:

    Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we cannot change the order of your websites from the drop down menu. When we completed the deployment last week the list in the account manager was changed for all publishers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused; however, we cannot change the list structure at this time. We hope this answers your question. If you have further questions, please donít hesitate to contact us.

    Commission Junction Client Support
    I just wrote back...

    I'm really disappointed you have done this to me, please ask your developers to add a way for us to change the default website since the messed this up in the first place. Your developers have really totally messed up my production now so I won't use CJ much anymore if this is not going to be fixed.
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    I also saw that AFTER adding several links, that are now somewhere on a large site [that used to be on top of the drop-down box], giving "credit" to a blog that has only a handful of links, and no real marketing.

    I wouldn't have thought they could, or would, change it back, but now I won't have to bother asking.

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