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    French Government Bans Term 'E-Mail'

    PARIS - Goodbye "e-mail," the French government says, and hello "courriel" — the term that linguistically sensitive France is now using to refer to electronic mail in official documents.


    The Culture Ministry has announced a ban on the use of "e-mail" in all government ministries, documents, publications or Web sites, the latest step to stem an incursion of English words into the French lexicon.

    The ministry's General Commission on Terminology and Neology insists Internet surfers in France are broadly using the term "courrier electronique" (electronic mail) instead of e-mail — a claim some industry experts dispute. "Courriel" is a fusion of the two words.

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    Good grief...

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    Poor bastards. "linguistically sensitive"

    They've been doing this for years. They frenchify everything. I've heard it's forbidden to use English words on shop signs too. Thank God it's easy to spot the yellow M from McDonalds, or I would probably starve to death when visiting Paris.

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    I believe the term "good grief" adequately expresses my thoughts on this subject...


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    Vincent.. You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?

    Jules.. They don't call it a Quarter Pounder with Cheese?

    Vincent.. No, they got the metric system there, they wouldn't know what the **** a Quarter Pounder is.

    Jules.. What'd they call it?

    Vincent.. Royale With Cheese


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    Well, after having lived in quebec and recently visiting France, I can tell you that the french use all manner of English in their day-to-day language.

    Quebec nationalism and french language police have driven 100,000's of anglophones to leave over the last 25 years, busily prosecuting english merchants for daring to place english language only signs in their businesses or god forbid using bi-lingual signs where English comes first and is larger than French!

    Actually, I spoke several times to folks in France today and they all used the term email, and we spoke only in french.

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