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    March 13th, 2008
    How do I find a CPA network to join?
    Im new here
    I want to try doing some CPA affiliate work. Ive applied to 3 different CPA networks and all 3 have rejected me, lol.

    I feel like those commercials where the person doesnt understand why eHarmony rejected them, and they say "but Im a good person. Right??"

    Anyone know of a CPA network I can join? I just want to try promoting them with adwords traffic and see how it goes.


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    Why don't you find out why they rejected you. Either they have a good reason or there was a misunderstanding that can be cleared up.

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    3 strikes and you're out.

    Ditto ProWebAddict.

    You do need to ask why, or you will most likely get the same result from other networks until you make some changes somewhere.

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    March 13th, 2008
    I emailed back but they never responded. I can try again.
    Im just not accustomed to any affiliate networks being so guarded. Usually they see my website and sign me up right away lol.

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    A lot of networks will call you when they receive your application. If they cannot speak to you they will not accept you until they do.

    Did they leave you a message on your voice mail? If so, return their call and you may be accepted.

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