Question for the SEO savvy: I知 rather new at this and read recently that search engines may penalize a page if it has more than 50 outgoing links (though a page should have far fewer, according to the article). I知 wondering if this is what happened to my Popshops store as one of the pages that had been showing up well on Google suddenly disappeared, taking the traffic it had been generating with it.

Over the past few weeks I壇 been adding links to shops along the lefthand sidebar and now have around 50. I also added a bunch of other links to the same page in hopes of capitalizing on traffic. I知 wondering if it痴 possible the page was penalized because I overdid it with the total number of links. Of course, it could easily be outside factors as well, but does anyone have an opinion on the optimal number of outside links per page (shop + nonshop)? (Right now I知 a Pro user with php-generated Popshops content.)