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    Help selling on Amazon
    Hi guys, Amazon is giving me a really hard time to sell my apparel and accessories on their website and I wanted to know if you experienced something similar, and what should I do about it.

    This is what happened:

    - I signed-up. I paid $39.99, when I went to list my products I found out that to sell on Amazon apparel and accessories, you need a special authorization. So I completed the contact form and waited a week. No response. I wrote them again and waited for another week. Again, no response.

    - There is no phone number to call them. I looked everywhere. Their website is I got pissed off so I canceled my service. The next month, they charged me again. I wrote them an e-mail, they said it was a mistake and credited back my card two weeks later. The month after, THEY CHARGED ME AGAIN. This time, they said it was a mistake, and they took 3 weeks to credit me back. They said that the previous time the account was canceled, but not completely canceled (what is that supposed to mean?) and this time it was canceled for good.

    - I was still upset because I do want to sell on Amazon, and I'd be happy to pay $39.99 per month for their service, but this time I wanted to make sure they would authorize me to sell before paying, so I wrote an e-mail 3 weeks ago. No response. Another one last week, still waiting...

    What should I do? Has somebody else experience this kind of problem trying to sell apparel or accessories on Amazon?
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    Welcome to affiliate paradise.

    Maybe I am out of the loop for I did not know that you could list your own merchandise on Amazon.........

    If you have enough merchandise to justify 39.99 with Amazon.............
    .Maybe you should consider building your own store site and cutting
    Amazon out.....
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    I'm totally out of it but doesn't amazon have an auction component to their ebay? Maybe that's what was meant?

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    Amazon has closed some categories for new stores. Apparel might be one of them.

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