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    For Adwords Users Who may Have Missed This
    Looks like the people mentioned here were Adwords power users. Blog post talks about Google as being an unforgiving police state.

    Then talks about the consequences of screwing up, and how it happened.

    I found the link on but the Jay Weintraub post is here

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    I'm doing a copy/paste post from my response to this article -

    Google has gone evil
    Well I'm in the sales business and not in the content business. When people come to my to buy dodgeballs.... that's what they get. When they come to my - they come to buy weightloss products (which they do). Apparently some Blogger talking about how fat they are and stressed out is more relevant to Google. My ..... same thing - "buying customers" get what they are looking for.

    I don't give a rat's ass about Google any more and I refuse to build my business around them. Some day when the masses of webmasters get enough guts .... they won't care as well and Google's importance will not be that important anymore. Until then - when Google says "jump" - their "webmaster slaves" will jump. I'm not a web design guru and am a salesperson/marketer. I'm a simpleton which apparently "buying customers" like (the important ones).

    One day you are on Google's goodside - the next day their evil twin shows up. I can honestly say that I got a better ROI with Yahoo and MSN anyway .... even before my misc. sites Google Adwords determines should cost me $10 a click. Obviously I couldn't afford to do any advertising if "buying customers" weren't purchasing products from my sites.

    By the way - Google Adsense gave me a 7 day notice (2 months ago) they were divorcing me "after" I asked them a question twice regarding a lingerie site of mine (Never ask Google a question is good advice) .... the reason "they decided they didn't like my business model". They never did answer the question by the way. I'm in the midst of finding an adequate advertising replacement and hope that Yahoo releases their competitive system out of Beta soon. I've always prided myself in providing very targeted "customer" traffic for my merchants and my advertisers. I may attempt to sell ads directly but it's so time consuming.

    Interesting side note from an email from one of my lingerie merchants I just received - " On behalf of The team I would like to congratulate you for the number of sales you brought to our company, we would like to let you know that we value your effort and we would like to encourage you to do so by increasing your commission" .... That's right .... my business model is so bad that customers are purchasing products from me and merchants are increasing my commission levels. I really don't care if Google or other webmasters don't like my sites because I know that "buying customers" do. "Buying Customers" are the only good determination of what "exceptional use to their visitors" really is (THAT'S A FACT!). Google is not serving the end user whatsoever with their evil criteria - that also is a fact.

    I am a firm believer that many of the review sites being put up to satisfy Google are filled with "fake reviews" as well. Does that help anyone? When I was trying to keep my relationship with Google Adsense I asked them if I was supposed to write a review about how one dodgeball provided less of a "Smmmmack" then the other? Apparently they didn't like my sarcasm (Ha). My sites save customers time by getting to the point with very little fluffy content. (Note - if I had "How-to" websites - there would be content. I prefer "buy some products" websites.)

    Unfortunately .... I also happen to be a Google stockholder since right after the IPO. I'm hoping for a rebound in their massively declining stock price and then I wanna sell out. Every single webmaster knows that Google is very vulnerable when it comes to their Adsense system if Yahoo or even MSN comes out with their model. Many of the smaller advertising networks like Adbrite, Adengage, Bidvertiser, Adtoll, etc... also are gaining many customers.

    By the way ... which phrase is the bigger lie?

    "I didn't inhale" or "Don't be evil!"

    Larry Wentz "Simpleton Site Designing, Customer Producing Fool"

    It was kind of funny yesterday that Google Adwords actually dropped the $10 bid BS on my campaigns and I momentarily had traffic from them - today they are back to the jacked-up rate. I don't care any longer as I sincerely have divorced Google in my mind. She tookaway half of my "gross" website income by dropping me from Adsense a couple months ago which of course wiped out my net website income pretty well. She (Google) is evil. I may even pause all my Adwords campaigns.

    Yahoo & MSN get my business (with a better ROI than Google) and buying customers get what they are looking for by coming to my simpleton websites. I also am going to do some offline advertising. I do need to get an adequate replacement for Adsense that can provide targeted advertising - Yahoo/MSN are U listening?

    As my post says - my business model produces sales and I target buying customers. My sites are simple and direct like, - they absolutely work and produce sales. I really don't care what anyone says (Google, webmasters, know-it-all blog writers) except the buying customer because they are what counts.
    Larry Wentz
    <a href=""></a>

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