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    All-Best-Every, etc. Domains
    I've been wondering about this for a while. It is hard to do any searching for it on Google due to the terms being generic.

    Dot coms with the prefix

    i.e.: allsoaps (.com) or or or

    Is there any word out there that Google places more importance on these domains then say:

    amillionsoaps or discbraketoolworld, etc.

    I know there are many successful sites out there with some of the prefixes I mentioned.

    I think that Google might also place some importance on how often your domain phrase appears in their indexed pages. Such as someone posting "I am looking for the best ram for my computer." In that case bestram(.com) might get a slightly more favorable Google SERPs positioning (for search of ram) than a domain containing a phrase like, even if they had essentialy the same metas, content, backlinks, PR, etc.

    BTW, in the examples I mentioned...I specifically looked for parked or unregistered domains. The sites weren't my main focus, but the prefixes.

    Also, I know such an advantage might be slight, but just wanted some opinions on it and the possibility of the existence.


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    The only way that using prefixes like that will make a difference is if it is part of the search phrase.
    If people search for "best snow blower" or "best selling toys" then having the phrase in the URL and the number of instances of the search phrase on the page will help it's SERP. The search phrase used as link text pointing to the site will also increase the SERP.

    Lots of people search for "best snow blower" but very few search for "only snow blowers" or "all snow blowers" or "every snow blower". In this case makes sense.

    In the case of your example or neither will benefit by having the prefix because nobody searches for "a million soaps" or "all soaps". If someone searches for "soaps" neither one benefits by having the prefix and the prefix won't help in the SERP.

    Did that make sense?

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    Yes. I don't know you so I searched your prior posts and see that most of them are in the domain sub-forum. Kinda leads me to assume you know what you are talking about. Thanks for your input. What you said does make sense.

    Anyone else? I am not looking for a "right" answer here, but just some additional opinions/viewpoints.



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    I would agree that the prefix does not matter for SERP, unless it is part of the search phrase.

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