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    What types of Links preferred here? (Product, Omakase, etc)
    The 4 types of Amazon link options available for placing on websites are listed on the Amazon associates site (I can't post link to it yet, being new here)

    I'm just curious what types of these ads are preferred here?

    Just starting, I'm kinda leaning towards the Product Links, being at about 120x240 these seem to be the easiest to fit along the side, and you have control over which products will be selected. (Apparently you can rotate products within a single ad after page refresh by putting multi ASIN's in commas in the code?) I suppose they might be a good combo with Adsense.

    Omakase? Anyone try that? Anyone combine it with Adsense? (both of which are contextual)

    Recommended Product Links -seems OK, but I've seen a lot of posts complaining about the look of the big black header bar.

    Product Previews w the hover thing - Anyone like or dislike them?

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    Perhaps it might be better to ask, which of these many widgets does anyone here prefer:

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    I prefer text links that blend in with my content.

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