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    Unhappy ebay leads not tracking
    Anyone else having this problem?
    I have been consistently making 10-20 leads a day through ebay for over a year in the last 3 days the only leads that have come through are from weeks before.
    I have multiple sites , I use ppc yahoo msn and google.
    Different tracking idís Oh and I am using the Editor Kit
    I have delt with tracking problems as far as sales are concerned they either come in late or there is a make good. How do they deal with this one? How do I deal with this one?
    Yes of course I have sent emails to the affiliate team and cj but you know how that goes.

    oh ya, at this point I have lost $400 X 3 days any advice?

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    I saw a slow down on both ACRUs and sales recently. I didn't get the "make good" as I expected last month. If it continues this month, it is likely not a tracking issue but simply less people use Ebay to buy stuff(recession?). I don't do PPC. So for me, it's just a smaller paycheck.

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    I had a lead come in late on 3/14 is said the action date was 3/14 it was actually 3/13
    I looked up the auction and the action date of the registration and bid.
    So at least I know they are behind

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    As I'm sure you know, the CJ ebay program is going away soon (end of April I think). The new program launches April 1:

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    thanks for the weeks of wondering ebay
    thanks for the weeks of wondering ebay

    I was aware of the tracking problem in March and emailed multiple times with no response regarding leads that were not getting tracked.

    Now I received an email admitting there was a problem tracking ACRU.

    How many days were included in March? February?

    Dear Publisher:

    A subset of our publisher base was affected by an ACRU reporting issue. This issue, a result from some recent site changes linked to registration, caused the number of active confirmed registered users (ACRU) to be slightly under-reported on a few occasions during the February and March timeframe. The issue has now been corrected and after a full analysis, activation data has been re-calculated for this time period. You will be receiving the appropriate make good in the next payment cycle. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the program.


    The Affiliate Team

    ebayaffiliates at
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    Not sure if its just me but things are getting worse with the ebay program, not only are sales lower but now it is showing fewer clicks... whats going on???

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