I hope this is the correct place to post this information, if not I do apologize.
I'm looking for someone with a good knowledge of "coupon/affiliate" websites and the background to design a database with php for me.
Here is basically what I'm looking for:
I need the ability to add new coupon codes and offers from Individual affiliate partners quickly and seamlessly. I would like to have the ability to post the affiliate link with an expiration date as well, so that links will automatically be deleted from the site. Furthermore I'd like the ability to "cloak" the links with a php redirect. Finally I would like the ability to have this information syndicated across multiple sites that I own.
In essence I need the ability to enter the affiliate link 1 time in a database, have that link appear across multiple sites, be cloaked via a PHP redirect, and then auto expire based on a date that I enter. Hopefully this can all be done from one "central" database.
Please feel free to PM me post within this thread if you can help. I am will to pay for this service.