There was a time from dusk to dawn when the streets were paved with gold...and the Satellite TV business was the way...
Gone are those days, greed and then monopoly's took over, now everyone is suffering, everyone is fighting for the very few slots available and time is running out.
In the future of things, I can't see a Satellite Dish on every roof, especially if there's no new home owners to put them there.
A Dying business, Dinosaur that what's in the stars...uncaring Affiliate Managers and unimaginable new offers from the cable industry will help throw the final dirt on this business.

Bet there's no one here that can say their doing better than last year, accept inscrutable affiliates and managers who think they own the pages...
Compare the first 3 months of last year to this year...Wow what a difference, a BIG difference.
But the managers will say things are up...UP...UP for them and anyway they can get up and anyway they can get it...To hell with you the honest dependable hell with crying slob ANYWAY WE CAN GET IT.
Shoes, flowers, auto parts and bra's is where my money has always been, now I just have to ramp them up and I'll do ok.
I least better then I'm doing now.