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    How would you monetize this traffic?
    Hello all,

    I started a blog a few weeks ago on an upcoming Dancing with the Stars contestant. I am already getting OK organic traffic for the contestant's name as well as "Dancing with the Stars" and keywords like photos.

    I am hoping after the premiere tonight that my traffic will take a big bump for the duration of the season. My question is: What is the best form of monetization for this traffic? I have adsense on there right now, but would a specific affiliate merchant you can think of work better? I am open to any ideas.



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    Do some searches on Google/Yahoo for this contestant's name and try to find merchandise for this person. Check to see if the merchant's that do have items for this person has an affiliate program, and sign up. You can then add those items throughout your blog with your affiliate link.

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    Survey says...

    Push the Dancing with the Stars video games for Wii and PS2 and stuff.

    Make some videos of people playing it on the Wii.

    Find more ideas here:

    And don't count on this whole thing lasting long, my senses tell me the trademark nazis will soon be out to get you. I'm not saying don't do it, I'm saying don't count on it lasting for a while, typically, the higher traffic you get on someone's material, where they are trying to monetize it as well, the more likely they are to C&D you.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you very much guys, I really appreciate your help.

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    cafepress has their affiliate program set up with CJ so "maybe" you could sell some products with them.
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