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    Sell my stuff, their stuff, or advertising?
    I'm wondering if any statistics are available about the best type of money making web sites to consider. Are they:

    Affiliate sites that sell other people's products?
    Web sites that sell one's own product, such as an e-book?
    Sites that have good traffic and earn money from directly selling advertising space?
    Sites that earn money from major or specialized advertising networks?
    Sites that earn money from networks such as Adsense?

    I realize that they all can work, I'm wondering which ones work best and if there was any information available to point that out.

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    "I realize that they all can work, "

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    The best money making site is the one you'll take the time and effort to promote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trust
    "I realize that they all can work, "
    And most aren't mutually exclusive. I don't believe that there is any single model that is inherently better than any other model. A smart marketer will experiment with as many models as possible and find those that work best for their sites.

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    Also depends on what type of site you build. If you build an information site (content site) Adsense works well.

    A shopping site (sales site) is geared toward selling products and any combination of yours/merchants products that make sense together will work.

    If you have a site with tons of traffic, selling advertising works.

    As already said above: There are as many different ways to market online as there are personalities. Pick the one that works best for you and one that you feel comfortable building and creating.

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