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    Question about cj ?
    Hi all, i am new with affifiate, i have a question that when a customer click on the code on my website, and purchse some thing, do i get pay immediately at cj ?

    because i copy the code of an advertiser at cj, and i refer to my friend buying some thing on my site, he click on the link, and make an order. but when i check back my acc at cj, i see the balance is still: $0.00.

    i must do something wrong ? am i suppose get paid immediately ??

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    bump? can any one tell me ?

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    Before getting paid, you'll get a report with impressions, clicks, sales. It's taking at least two hours for your sales to show up in your report if your merchant doesn't batch sales. If your merchant batch sales it can take a day or more.
    Then, once the sale is in your report you'll have to wait at least 30 days for the sale to validate. The sale can be extended for an other 30 day period by the merchant.
    Then, CJ will start the payment process if your balance is over a certain amount. As a new affiliate you can't be paid immediately. You'll have to wait I assume one more month.

    If the code you sent to your friend is correct, if your friend's computer is clean (no parasite software installed), if your friend bought the product from your link, the click and sale should appear in your report.
    Affiliate Marketing is not about getting an immediate discount from merchants.

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    Often, the sale will not show up until it ships. And for others, the sale is reported immediately. So give it a few days.
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    I don't even know of a network that pays on the spot for sales. You may want to do a little affiliate research on this forum before you get too deeply into your affiliate business. Sounds like you have the wrong idea as to what affiliate marketing is all about. Zeus said it right "Affiliate Marketing is not about getting an immediate discount from merchants." It's a real business to make real money too! Good luck to you.

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