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    Finally made the move
    Hiya everyone.

    So you all wanted an update as to what I am doing now. So here it is in a nutshell. As you can see in my profile I have moved to a distant place called the moon and from the moon base I have joined a boutique marketing firm which I feel is a very good move for myself. Especially the view, Watching the earth rise and set everyday really is a remarkable site lol. The only issue right now is getting used to the cold temperatures and severe lack of breathable air outside hahaha. I am a heck of a lot lighter though with the lack of gravity so there is something to be said about high altitudes and now being underweight for a change lol. But in all seriousness, I am still not ready to announce the firm yet so those of you who know I would like you to keep that on the downlow.

    Now here is the good news. The things we will be doing are going to be awesome for you all as affiliates. I am now working on some major brands as well as launching a few new programs and as you all know my stance on how a program should be run, the first brand name which will be announced soon will be a clean and fair program for all. I am also launching another program which is not a well known company, but they will offer some extremely cool tools for affiliates, the company is 100% affiliate friendly and is going to do whatever it takes to help both parties make it a success.

    As far as my move went, well a ton of stuff got messed up and the move was super expensive, then again, what do you expect when you have to launch into outerspace? I am so not moving again anytime soon lol.

    For now I am keeping everything quiet, but over the next few months we should have some very good news for you all and some fun new programs to really bring to the next level.

    Thank you to everyone for your support and I'm excited to help everyone continue to succeed and help you surpass what your goals for the month, quarter and year are.

    Look for the updates and new program announcements and thank you all again for your help with the move and the support that the abw family has given me.
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    Good luck with the new place and the new work ... I'll look forward to more updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollerblader
    For now I am keeping everything quiet, but over the next few months we should have some very good news for you all and some fun new programs to really bring to the next level.
    Sounds intriguing...

    Best of luck to you with everything, Adam!


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    Foreign lands sometimes bring nice surprises. Glad to hear you are settling in.


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    Let me know if you need any help.

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    Hey Adam - good to hear you are getting settled in. Moving can certainly be traumatic. We are all (I'm sure) eagerly awaiting those new announcements, 'cause if you are involved, the programs must be good.

    On day when the weather breaks, I'll jump in the Rocket-Benz and fly on up for lunch. I've always wanted to view the earth from your vantage point.
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    Let me know if you find any green cheese up there. I think I might have an idea for a niche market....

    Seriously though, good luck on your new endeavor. I can't wait to find out what you're working on.
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    Hang in there!

    Send me your new address and I will mail you a scarf!

    I'm glad to see you'll still be hanging out here. I love your posts and I would miss you horribly if that wasn't the case.
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