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    Clickbank Affiliates

    Is there a way to get the contact information for the affiliates I see that are promoting my product?

    Also, what do you guys feel are the best ways to get some productive affilaites going?


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    Matt, I'm sure you saw that your other recent posts were moved to the appropriate categories. Please respect the forum by posting your questions in the appropriate forum categories rather than always posting everything here.

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    Clickbank topics ---> Clickbank forum
    PPC topics ---> PPC forum

    etc, moving this one

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    No, clickbank does not give you access to your affiliates. There are a couple of things you can do though to get access to their account.

    First, you can switch their affiliate nickname and your affiliate nickname in the affiliate link. This will then point to their website if they have one. You can then use the contact link on that website to contact them.

    Second, you can contact clickbank asking a specific affiliate to contact you. Clickbank will forward that message to them and if they wish to contact you they can.

    Third, you can insert some sort of system on your website were users insert their email and clickbank id. Bonus systems are popular, that way all your clickbank affililites who see it sign up to receive the bonus.

    Hope that helps.

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