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    ARC will be wide awake thanks to Angel Djambazov!
    A big thank you to Angel for sending us some awesome coffee to Miami. Not only did Angel send us coffee but he sent us light, medium, and a dark blend. Thank you for being so thoughtful!! You Rock!

    Pics will be posted as soon as we taste the coffee.
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    Ooooh. How do I get on this mailing list?

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    And does he deliver to international addresses?

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    Getting sleepy


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    It was my pleasure, always happy to share

    Being in Seattle has it's privileges when it comes to coffee. There are lots of great coffee roasters in town which also leads to lots of debate on who is the best. I sent one of favorites down.

    Also note that in all the assortments but especially the dark you should not put in as much as you would for a normal brand (Folgers for example), it will be way to strong and you will end up like this...
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