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    New Year --- New Goals
    I believe you have to look at your goals, and they are not real goals unless you wrote them down and posted them where you look at them everyday, at least every year.
    Update and set new goals if you met the ones you had listed, then again write them down and post them where you see them everyday.
    I also think that too many people set too many un-realistic goals , nothing wrong with having big dreams, but set realistic goals to make that dream come true.

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    I think your 3 months to late for this post?? Maybe it would be better to revisit your new year goals?

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    Timing is wrong but your premise is spot on

    In the world of affiliate marketing, some of the business maintaining tasks are a drudge.

    I think that writing down goals is a great way of motivating yourself.

    I advice my trainees to write down why they want a business online on a piece of paper and post it somewhere visible.

    When the low spots come eg low conversions, poor ranking, whatever, looking at that piece of paper could make the difference between throwing in the towel or working harder and making a success of it
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