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    Choice Hotels Draconian Search Policy
    Choice Hotels, which had one of the most liberal paid search policies previously, has now lowered the boom on paid search with one of the most restrictive search policies I have seen.

    You can't use their trademarks, brands, names, urls, or direct link to them anymore - this is all standard stuff. But here is the interesting part:

    - Affiliates may NOT use Broad or Phrase match keyword options at any time

    The way the new policy reads, if your site has any Choice Hotel links on it, you cannot do paid search with any broad or phrase match keywords at any time for your own site. To do so risks immediate expulsion (no warning, no second chance) and reversal of all commissions.

    Time for me to replace Choice Hotel links with a competitor's links.

    How about a negative keyword list instead of forcing people to stop promoting your products?

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    Idiots. Properly negative match, and they'll never care.

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    I saw that come through also. I was surprised to see so many restrictions. They would have been better off just stating a list of things they DO allow. Would have only been a sentence or two and a whole lot easier to read.


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    just use broad with negtives for the TM terms. A merchant has no way to know what match types you are using.

    They probably hired some big traditional agency who does a little search on the side and the agency didn't want to look bad so they tried to eliminate the affiliates.

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    You know, at first appearance not allowing affiliates to do broad is kind of a blessing in disguise...banning phrase matching does seem fairly ridiculous though.

    The reasons why not allowing broad could be extremely beneficial are that:

    1. Now when new affiliates try it out, they will not spend a ton of money because they are doing only exact.

    2. By doing exact matches, your ROI should skyrocket, if you've done it right and your research.

    3. You'll save time not creating negative lists.

    4. Although you may get less clicks, you'll also be spending less and you should in theory be getting a higher ROI as well.

    5. So, although you cannot broad, this could be a good thing, especially for affiliates who know what they are doing and have tight budgets.

    Now in defense of their phrase matching policy, they are trying to avoid searches that will populate with their branded terms so I can see why they don't want you using them. I may not agree with it, but then again it can help you generate much higher ROIs if you think about it.

    As an affiliate in their program, you may want to ask them for a negative list or to provide a negative list (if phrase matching is that important to you), and then you would not show up for those terms which seems to be what their goal may be. If the AM does not want to populate the list, then find a different chain to promote. There are tons of AMs and programs out there that will take the time to generate a list for their affiliates and those are the ones to look for. You may want to contact the AM and ask for the list.
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