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    Exclamation Google Analytics is asking to share my data
    Does anyone else have a big yellow box on their Google Analytics home page asking to 'Accept data sharing between Google Analytics and other Google services'?

    Their FAQ

    There seems to be advantages with sharing data between google services - and you can opt to only share with-in google products and not other benchmarking services. But one question is not being answered - or is difficult to find, are they sharing this data within 'MY' google products, or with Everyone's google products? While explaining the details in their FAQ - they are referring to the reader as 'You'. Is 'You' specific to the reader, or are they referring to all their clients as a general 'You'.

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    I do not have a yellow box. Mine is black border box. Maybe I clicked this thing by accident and turned the yellow off.

    Can't answer your questions, but I tend not to share. Of course, if they already have this information.........Would they not have a tendency to use it thru out their system??
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    They most probably would tend to use it throughout. And I thought they already were.

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