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    Phone Tracking with CJ Merchants?
    Does anyone know of any CJ merchants that are using a phone order tracking system like SAS does? Is it possible with CJ to create such a code that can be tracked?
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    I've raised the issue in the past (a while ago) with a few affiliate managers and merchants with CJ programs, and none ever expressed any interest or desire to implement phone tracking. Their position has generally been that they don't have to pay commissions on those sales.

    I know of no CJ merchants who currently have phone tracking. If there are any, I'd like to know.

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    854 (DISH Network reseller/retailer) and DishPronto are the only two that I know of. Apparently 70%+ of all satellite TV sales that originate at the website level turn into a phone order (which could explain why those two merchants are 3/4 bar, while the official DirecTV program and another satellite merchant are 1 bars...).

    It's extremely easy to do phone tracking - All you have to do is display the affiliate's PID (or an encrypted/changed version) on the site as a "promo code" or part of one, and then force phone reps to collect and report that on phone orders. Submit manual transactions to CJ, and all should be good. The only potentially hard part is to integrate everything with the call center, and figure out how to effectively pull the data from the phone order database.

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    Phone tracking with codes presented for the prospect to read to the agent is a non starter. thinkingVOICE has developed a scalable, brandable, click to call solution which is embeddable within pages and forms. Its tracks partner sources and binds that with the call, many advertisers are currently testing this out as it is suitible with both batching and pixel tracking for the calls/leads generated over the phone. As an alternative some marketers are utilizing assigned local and toll free numbers to track the leads from larger publishers. Not every category is suitable for this type of payout tracking, however, the marketers that value and require voice interactions to close the sale are lining up today for this service. thinkingVOICE can even track calls that are generated from your google and yahoo keyword ad spending or CPM marketing for that matter. We are currently working with several large networks to provide this kind of advanced call tracking. Additionally, many of the advertisers playing in the CPM space are benfiting from the thinkingVOICE Mobile Ad Network. Its a true solution for tracking a CPA event within mobile. Expect some exciting developments over the next six months from call tracking. Its helping to fill the gap in lead generation, which is under some pressure currently.

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