There are some interesting marketing opportunities with 4Checks for the month of April. In addition to our Spring-themed Peeps banners, I am also working to provide you with banners and text links to promote our Earth-friendly recycled checks from The Check Gallery brand in time for Earth Day on April 22nd.

Did you know that April is known also as Autism Awareness Month, National Frog Month and Animal Cruelty Prevention Month? Here are our coordinating check designs:

Cure Autism Now Foundation checks and accessories

Our Cure Autism Now Foundation Checks help spread the message that this condition needs further research and continuous support. Let your checkbook support a cause you care about.

Frog checks and accessories

National Frog Month is sure to be recognized by Frog Lovers everywhere. Show your love for these adorable amphibians with full color checks, address labels and leather checkbook covers.

The above images are just a few of the oganizations that advocate for the welfare of animals. For a complete listing of those designs, please contact me.

Historical Dates of Importance for April:

April 9, 1865 - The American Civil War ended when Lee surrendered to Grant at Fort Appomattox

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April 11, 1900 - The US Navy acquired the first submarine.

View all US Navy check designs

As always, if you need any custom creative, links, etc. please ask!

Happy selling!