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    When is too much
    I checked 3 of my websites today.......3 different hosts.

    site A.........dedicated server
    site B.........54 domains hosted on this server
    site C.........282 domains hosted on this server

    When is it time to escape the crowd and move a site?? I had no idea that host "C" loaded a server so heavily or maybe this is normal.

    Any comments?? What is normal for a shared server??

    Just curious..................... "C" has 884
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    Some host have anywhere from 500 to 700 per server. It's just depends on how good their servers are.

    I'm on a server with 600 something sites and my sites are fast with no lag and all my scripts run just fine.

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    I am on dreamhost and it the server I am on is lagging big time. I got them to change the server I am on tonight. We will see what happens.

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    A server can perform well with 50 accounts or 1000 accounts, it all depends on how resource intensive these accounts are. You can fill up a server with 1000 mostly static html pages and it would run without a hitch.

    On the flip side, 1 account with multiple PHP scripts, MySQL databases, AND heavy traffic can bring a server to its knees if not configured properly. The host just has to keep an eye on cpu load, balance out their servers, move accounts when necessary.

    The moral of the story is: Don't worry so much about how many accounts are on your server, rather monitor how your sites are performing on that server.

    P.S. How are you checking how many accounts are on each server? Usually sites which project these figures use the number of domains which are pointed at a particular nameserver. This is an inaccurate figure. For example we have 2 servers which use the same nameservers.
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