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    Why does this happen?
    When I use Google Webmaster tools, I'm seeing a totally irrelevant list of "most common" keywords used to access my site. It only lists the first 100 keywords, and usually about 2 of them actually relate to my site. What's also weird is that the company that does my site statistics doesn't report this same set of 'most common keywords', but reports exactly what I'd expect to see.

    Also, I've noticed that when I do a "link" search in Google to find out who is linking to my site, I get back a really weird list of URLs (in addition to the ones that I expect) that I know have no relation to my site, and that wouldn't have any reason to link to it. Usually when I click on the site's link, I get taken to an XPAntivirus page or some other page that's either trying to sell me something, or take over my computer.

    Has anybody else experienced this, and have any idea what could be causing it?


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    I have seen some freaky things in the past with Webmaster Tools. Sometimes you can get an answer in their Google group.

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    Could your browser be infected..? The unrelated links & XPAntiVirus stuff are usually indicators...

    I presume you have Spyware detector, if not, I highly recommend PC-Cillin for scanning, it detects & cleans everything (including cookies I want to keep )

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