In case it was missed in the new program announcements section, we've just launched a new program for printer inks, toner and cell phone accessories on Shareasale.

20% commission for inks and cell accessories, and 120 day cookie. We have a couple long term coupons available now, and will be adding weekly updating deals soon. Also the data feed is in the works. There's a bonus running until July 1, 10$ bonus on the first $100 in sales made (essentially making the first few sales worth a 30% commission).

If you have a tech related site, coupon/deal site, or have just been thinking about building something for printer inks or cell phone stuff, please give this program a look. When compared side by side with the competition, LowerpriceUSA will win on price and will convert.

Sign up here through Shareasale

Note: I tried to make the font bigger, it was observed that the font size is a bit small in our AMWSO section but the size doesn't seem to increase for the links.