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    Quick Question About Referring New Affiliates
    I am creating an affiliate directory and I want to feature some of the merchants in SAS. What I am wanting to know is how can I link to the merchant sign-up page using my referral code?

    For example my direct link is:

    where MYAFFID is my affiliate id with SAS.

    But I want to point people to signing up for specific merchants. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your time!

    Edit:altered link to NOT contain actual affiliate link (sorry!)

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    Toucan42 - are you looking to signup people under a 2-tier relationship? Many SAS programs have a Two Tier commission. This is the scenario:

    You signup for a merchants program. You then refer another affiliate to signup for that same merchant's program. If you close a sale/lead/hit whatever for the merchant - you get the full promised commission. If the affiliate you referred closes the sale/lead/hit whatever, they receive the full promised commission and you get x% of the commission aswell. where x is determined by the merchant.

    merchant's program - 5% of sale - 5% 2-tier commission
    you signup, and you refer another affiliate to signup.

    You close sale of $1000 - you get $50
    your referred affiliate closes sale of $1000 - they get $50, and you get $2.5

    I believe this type of referral link is in the banners section when you join a merchant's program

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