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    Small Peek into the ARC Team: Beware!
    Hello ABW,

    I thought we let you into our little world: Click Here

    Emilio Yepez
    Affiliate Program Manager
    PH: 305 389 8955
    AIM: affiliateagle
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    Thanks Emilio...To clarify I eat all day long because it's a part of my job description!
    @MicroSteph | Stephanie Lichtenstein
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steph-ARC
    Thanks Emilio...To clarify I eat all day long because it's a part of my job description!
    I dunnoh...looked more like orange slices than Zenobia's NutsOnTheNet.
    Bill / Marketing Blog @ 12PM - Current project: Resurrecting my "baby" at South Baltimore..
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    If you are too busy to laugh you are too busy.

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    Go Daddy
    I was expecting someone to break out a harlem shake or crip walk at any second.

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    I was hoping to see Andy doing the "walk it out" dance.....

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    More To Come
    Oh this was just the teaser, we're saving the good clips for round 2

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    jacked by sylon
    Who was the ugly fat guy at the desk with the book???

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