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    What payment processors do you like?
    I am talking about pure money transferring systems, like paypal. I know paypal is the obvious choice, but I am wondering if people have experience with some of the other ones. Some of the ones I am interested in area Moneybookers, 2checkout, Google Checkout,, and World Pay.

    Anyone use any of those and have opinions on them?

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    Paypal PURE? You have got to be kidding me.

    I have had excellent results with google checkout and prefer it now over paypal. Paypal is still a necessary evil for most.

    As for the rest is rarely used. is part of a "real" merchant account. If you have to process credit cards it is the way to go with your own merchant account.

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    June 23rd, 2008
    I only use Paypal, never tried the others.

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    September 11th, 2008
    2CO and world pay are great alternatives if you have low volume, if you have higher volume you will need to get an actual merchant account so you do not pay through the nose.

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    1,561 has been great for us
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    I've used both paypal and Both are great but paypal gives you the advantage of paypal checkout for it's members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Gottlieb has been great for us
    We use it on our storefront too and really like it.

    But I gotta say, no matter which system you use it pays to also include PayPal.

    I learned that from my customers here on ABW. They kept after me to add PayPal links to purchase WebMerge, and I thought, "Why? There's already a reasonably convenient payment system in place."

    Then I started using PayPal myself. And now I know:

    PayPal is play money. Or at least it feels that way. It's not part of any normal bank account or CC balance, so many folks just leave a certain "slush fund" in their PayPal account, and spending it feels like spending play money.

    Also, the one-click-and-enter-a-password convenience is hard to beat.

    So we like a lot. But we really like having PayPal too, and apparently so do our customers.
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    April 22nd, 2009
    have been only using paypal so far,
    might try google checkout heard good stuff about it

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    Hi All!

    The advantage of using paypal is that it is widely accepted by buyers and sellers alike, plus there isn't a big outlay when you want to accept payments through it. You don't even need to have a merchant account.

    I am signed up with many payment processors but paypal is what I really use. The rest are just alternatives.

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    We use SWREG, paypal and 2checkout. None of those payment processors is 100% ideal, but we learned how to live with their glitches and limitations.

    - multiple times we had problems with recurring orders, so we had to stop offering payments for hosted accounts through this payment processor
    - they have excellent fraud protection (sometimes too strong)
    - good reports
    - limited callback after recurring payments
    - correct processing of VAT for all types of countries

    - not processing automatically VAT for each type of country
    - other services ok
    - support is not responsive, to get answer from support takes soooo loooong

    - works without glitches for years for us
    - we use it just for recurring orders, where we don't need to handle with VAT
    - a bit limited reports
    - very good callbacks after processing of recurring payments - integration is very easy also in complicated membership systems
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    Credit Card Processing

    I would like to give you more information regarding getting a merchant account for your online-business. I am an employee at Global Payment Inc. We are more than capable of handing your payment processing needs.

    Kenneth Gordon
    914 217-4745
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    Quote Originally Posted by KgordonData

    I would like to give you more information regarding getting a merchant account for your online-business. I am an employee at Global Payment Inc. We are more than capable of handing your payment processing needs.
    Chris started this thread 2 years ago. If you would like to advertise your merchant services you can purchase an ad. I removed your link from your signature.
    Deborah Carney

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    2CO is great for low volume. Just run your numbers and see how much you will be processing a month and find the right plan for you. 2CO is like 5.5% with no monthly fees while most others are like 2.5% with $10 a month fees.
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    I'm a paypal person only because everyone else uses it.

    At the moment, it's the universal payment system. Plus it's secure.

    I get really scared when I purchase online, scared of identity theft, then again who isn't?

    I've heard of escrow but I've got no clue about that. I know about Western union but it's too expensive. Till I came on this thread, I wouldn't have known a thing about the other options. I'll check them out!

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