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    April 6th, 2006
    Adwords update, I'm impressed..
    As a begrudging user (and complainer!) of AdWords, I logged in today to see some very nice changes.

    You can now direct the placement of your ads across the content network, in a much more efficient manner. Google has finally revealed what actually makes up the "content" network. You also have the ability to filter by category/topic of site.

    For example, I can include/exclude my ad on:

    Error pages
    Parked domains
    Image-sharing pages
    Social networks
    Video-sharing pages

    It's about time we were given more control.. my exclusion list was getting pretty big; typo-squatters, and every parked domain that ever sent me crappy traffic.

    I'm really pleased to finally see Google give more control to the advertisers over the placement of their ads (as it should be!).

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    Important Change to URL Policy Enforcement
    Starting in April, display URLs for new ads will be required to match their destination / landing page URLs, without exception. Please adjust your URLs accordingly when creating new ads.

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