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    Problems with SiteSell Affiliate Program
    I've been trying to get paid for over 3 years (yes, that's no typo) from a very popular affiliate program called SiteSell by Ken Evoy. It also goes by the name SBI.

    Ken Evoy's staff admits to owing the affiliate commissions... but the check is always lost in the mail. It's been this way for years.

    And when you do a little digging, Ken Evoy loves to take in money, but hates pay out... here's a few examples:

    I'd publish more links, but any bad press about Ken Evoy or SiteSell gets deleted.

    Let me repeat... I've yet to get paid a dime in over 3 years -- and that includes trying to work this out via his affiliate manager by email. It's always one delay and excuse after another when I talk to Linda Pace in accounting.

    By the way, beware of the username [edit] at this forum -- she likes to post anonymously as just some random forum participant -- singing the praises of SiteSell... even though she's a high-level employee (or partner) of Ken Evoy... here's an example:

    Anyone else having problems with this popular affiliate program? Am I alone on this?

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    Apparently you are alone.

    You've posted this same post to so many forums, it seems like you have it in for Sitesell for some reason.

    Alan Gardyne has told you everything you need to know (and more!) at this post:

    Please grow up, stop complaining, and get your chip off your shoulder!

    Thank you!

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