OK, just came back from shooting the Vancouver INDY. Boy was it a hot day. On my walk back, something poped into mind and I thought I would ask it here.

What do you find is mot important for you when you choose to promote an affiliate program. I have my own requirements but what are yours? Just curious.

To start things off, here are my top issues, in no particular order.

- payout is decent (allows me to generate a +'ve ROI)
- be a reputable company in your industry and pay affiliates fairly and on time
- have products which I think I can promote to my users
- has an easy to order process (from click to transaction)
- has professional image when I send users your way

These are only a few that come to mind, anyone else care to add to the list?

Thanks in advance,

Ian Lee, M.Sc.

Internet Marketing Strategist / Affiliate Manager
EYI, Inc.

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