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    Total Bedroom?
    I can't find Total Bedroomon SAS any longer. Did it close the program or did it move to another network?

    Thanks for any information.

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    Hmm. There's a merchant named Totally Furniture which has been at SAS for a couple of years? They're still there.

    Could you have been thinking of them, perhaps?

    Dunno any Totally Bedroom that I've heard of, but that doesn't mean much -- there's a lot I haven't heard of. LOL!
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    I was thinking they were at CJ maybe?

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    Totally Furniture is NOT the same company as Total Bedroom, there's no connection whatsoever.

    I do have to admit that I develop loyalties to programs/OPMs who run good programs that are affiliate friendly, trustworthy and more than fair, and generally have some resentment and a feeling of betrayal (which is on a personal, not a business level) when a merchant leaves the OPM and takes the program in-house (or whatever).

    But in actual fact, Greg Rice did a splendid job of getting the Totally Furniture program going on the right path as he nurtured them through the process of developing a quality program, and while I'd still rather Greg was still with them as OPM, they're still an OK program who, as far as I can tell, have not regressed back from the level that Greg Rice guided them to.

    There was a thread not long ago about Total Bedroom (the *other* company) which I've been unable to find, but I remember who started the thread and will ping him to see if he can direct us to the thread because there was an important business issue involved.

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    According to the BBB website
    it appears that the company is no longer in business
    They still have a website totalbedroom (dot) com but they don't have adverstise an affiliate scheme just a $50 voucher for a website link.

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    I still have them live on CJ. The links work, the site looks like they are in business to me.

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    I was told they were closing down the business.... if you have links up might want to check with them, etc...

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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