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    Network response to scraping - A+
    I wanted to post this for anyone who has seen their site scraped - specifically, a product link to a merchant you are not affiliated with, which uses your site content for SERP. These appear in google search results.

    You can see if your site has been scraped if you google your own domain name.

    I recently reported violations to two networks, with very positive results. SAS cancelled the affiliate account when they received no response to their requests. And I was just informed by CJ that they have contacted the publisher to remove content & cease scraping in 48 hrs, or they will be deactivated. If I see this again (after 48hrs), I'm to advise - all commissions will be cancelled, and they will be removed.

    We can all be tough on the networks, but in this case, I'm very pleased by the immediate response from both SAS & CJ.

    It goes to show that individual publishers CAN make a difference. If you see your site being scraped, report it. The networks will take action & it will no longer be lucrative..

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    teezone, excellent post as this has been a concern lately.

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    Thanks for posting this.

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    not everyone seems to be pleased when the networks clean up.

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    Yes, I had noticed that thread after I posted .. interesting ...

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