A quick survey of Affiliate Programs in the Skincare Vertical has GreatSkin.com topping the list of quality programs. Here is the brief summary of major program features for this premium merchant:

Revolutionary Commission Program: Greatskin's generous commissions are awarded on sales totals that never expire. Unlike other merchants who require affiliates to knock back their sales totals to zero each month, effectively forcing them to start over again, Greatskin considers its affiliate sales to be "evergreen." This means affiliates reach the highest commission tiers faster with Greatskin than they can with any other merchant.

Generous Commission Structure: Greatskin pays affiliates with an 8% base commission that tiers all the way to 18%. Derma Doctor also offers an 8% base, while DrugStore.com and Beauty.com start affiliates at 10%. But no other merchant rewards affiliates with commissions that reach to 18%! All other programs max out at 13% (e.g. Beauty.com). And, don't forget: with GreatSkin's evergreen sales policy -- where monthly sales accumulate and never re-set to zero -- affiliates receive commission increases on each and every sale made - for life!

Cookie Tracking For Two Full Months: GreatSkin offers the highest return day policy in the vertical: 60 days. DrugStore.com and Beauty.com offer only 20 return days.

Huge, Top Quality Product Line: With over 900 premium skincare products from the world's best brands (such as Dermalogica, Obagi, Strivectin, Rhonda Allison, Joey New York and BioElements), GreatSkin's merchandise comprises the highest quality, best choice and best converting skincare products in the vertical.

Service: GreatSkin's free skin care analysis delivers custom skincare evaluations and product recommendations specifically designed for individual customers. This produces satisfied customers who more likely to repurchase within Greatskin's generous return-day window.

Consumer Loyalty: Encouraging customers to think of Greatskin first for their skincare needs benefits affiliates. For this reason, Greatskin offers loyal, returning customers up to 15% savings on top of any promotional discounts! No other merchant in the vertical can compete on price with GreatSkin. The result? Affiliates' major commission incentives are fueled by consumer loyalty savings.

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