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    Wow I wonder how much it will cost to fill the gas tank.

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    Yep, Nice Boat, for sure. I had to reach for my Dramamine before I finished the article.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProWebAddict
    Wow I wonder how much it will cost to fill the gas tank.
    If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it. <G>

    750,000 liters would be about 200,000 gallons. Even if you could get it for $3/gallon, that's $600,000 to fill 'er up. But that'll get you 15,000 miles. You'd have to fill up at least twice to make it around the world. Wow. Over $40 per mile, just in gas.

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    Umm not to be tin foil hat but that looks like a doomsday yacht. Change the greenery to a garden. Add an on board desalination plant or lots of water.... Gas to go half way around the world or just go out and anchor somewhere.

    I think some rich person wants a retreat if there is some major catastrophe.

    There really is no reason to have that much gas with ports everywhere unless you dont think they will be safe or have gas to sell.

    Realistically one of the best things about boats is port calls. This boat seems to be avoiding them. Weird.

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    Niiiiiiiice boat! I want one in my next life.

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